List Datacard Details

Below is a Detailed Description of Each List. These are all mostly generated by direct mail and have purchased or responded to a business opportunity offer. There is an ecommerce indicator (e) after the list name if we have emails or know they purchased on the internet. The average purchase amount is indicated at the end of the description.

 List Name Description
Business Opp Response ListThis is a selection of our best business opportunity lists that have an excellent history of consistent response. Duplicates between the lists have been removed and the data is scrambled by zip code so each mailer gets a mixture of the lists. Team leaders with large groups who have an offer driven by direct mail should refer their affiliates to this list option to avoid duplication and get consistent response. This list is put together and updated on a monthly basis.
Ace Home EmploymentThese direct mail buyers are eager to become self employed entrepreneurs. This program is sold by direct mail. Most purchasers paid by check or money order. THese budding busines owners are eager to find new opportunities to make money. They are looking for money-making businesses that are easy to start and profitable. They can spend some time and money to get the business started. (Avg $21)
Big Dollar Program Buyers (e)Big Dollar Program Buyers have money to spend and are on the internet so they can see your complete offer and watch your online videos. They are looking for the right business opportunity and system to explode their income as they work from home. These active entrepreneurs respond to both offline and online presentations are ready to connect with you.  (Ave $150)
Biz By Mail Infomercial BuyersThis program shows buyers how to set-up and profit from home in the mail order business. They responded to a TV commercial with payment in had to buy this offer. Many went on to purchase related tools and products in their quest to make money in the industry.  (Avg $50)
Biz Opp ConnectThese eager entrepreneurs responded by direct mail to various business opportunity offers. Many have purchased information packages paying an average of $97 and have joined programs goin on to spend thousands for product, high level training, marketing systems and lead campaigns.
Cash Now The Cash Now Opportunity System list is comprised of money-hungry buyers that are looking to work from home, set their own hours, and be their own boss.  They are on the hunt for programs that fit their income generating interests. The Cash Now Opportunity System is designed to increase their personal assets.  They can start immediately with an easy learning curve and no licenses needed. It is an easy two step plan that gives the entrepreneur their own website to use.  They don't have to use their own money to make the system work.  All they have to do is find "wholesale" real estate for those who are investors, and there are a lot of them! It is possible to pull in an extra $15,000 every month depending on how much effort they put into this.  Buyers responded to a direct mail solicitation that drove them to a website.  (Ave $122)
Direct Mail Buyers
These buyers are entrepreneurs who work from home and use direct mail as their primary method to get buyers for their offer. They spend an average of $1,500 on postcard or letter campaigns. Most use their credit card when making a purchase and either buy online or over the phone. These serious multi-buyers not only join business opportunities, but go on the spend big money promoting them. They are always looking for the next big thing and many go on to become leaders with team members who follow them as they expand their horizons.  (Ave $600)
Hill Syphon Money ProgramThese direct mail buyers spent $19.95 on a system that shows how to make money quickly and easily. This company created this program years ago and has been selling it successfully for years. During this time they've had many thousands of satisfied customers. These buyers want to make cash fast. They are looking for ways to become financially independent quickly and easily, without working too hard.  (Ave $20)
Home Biz Online Buyers

These folks were searching online for a way to make money from home. They came to the promotional website and paid via credit card for an info pack.  Many went on to pay an average of $150 for the complete work from home program that involves mailing letters to promote other products and offers. They are looking for the right opportunity that will propel them to success. (Avg $25)

Homeland CashThese are direct mail buyers of business start-up books. They spent between $49.95 to $74.95 for one or more books. These buyers are avid business opportunity buyers. The book buyers learn quick methods to get their new business off the ground and making money.  They learn how to start part-time and make a quick profit.  (Ave $60)
Information Brokerage SystemsThese are hard-working business opportunity buyers who paid $76.95 for Information Brokerage Systems course. This business success course shows people how to work part-time from their homes and how to have potential earnings of $10,000 to $15,000 monthly. These buyers go on to become 900 number managers and receive bonus reports such as “Proven Ways to Profit in Mail Order”, “How to Earn $10,000.00 monthly with a Personal Computer”, and “The Science of Debt Elimination”.  (Ave $77)
Majestic Opp BuyersThese direct mail buyers purchased one of the fastest growing money making systems in years. These individuals paid for an easy-to-follow program that will help them gain financial security for life.  (Avg $31).
Monster OpportunityMonster Opportunity buyers purchased one or more of the following programs: "Monster Garage Sale” for $40.00, "800,000% Mega Profit System” for $115.00, "The Toll Free Checks Package” for $72.00, or "Turning Ordinary Aluminum Beer and Soda Cans into Gold”. Approximately 5% have paid as much as $3,000.00 for a gas car, grocery card, vacation get-away or various other incentive programs.  These people are on the lookout for products and services which can better their lifestyle.  (Ave $22)
MORE Opportunity BuyersThese direct mail generated buyers paid Mid-American Opportunity Research Enterprises for one or more money making home-based business systems. They have a $29.00 start-up package, a “Guaranteed Money System” for $29.00, a “Beta Tester System” for $39.00, and the “World’s Easiest Way to Make Money”. These buyers are looking for ways to become financially set for life.  (Ave $66)
Postcard Direct Opp BuyersPostcard Direct Buyers purchased a moneymaking postcard “Business in a box” to discover how to earn income with their own direct response postcard business. Postcard Direct buyers are desperately searching to be their own boss and work at home.  Postcard Direct Buyers on this list have all spent money after receiving a postcard and calling an 900# or responding to a space ad in various work at home magazines.  (Ave $50)
Postcard Ultra Buyers
Exciting postcard offers drive ultra responsive prospects to sales websites that do all the selling to turn them into buyers.  Many have become recurring customers who subscribed to postcard marketing packages.  (Ave $77)
Profit Today This is a unique Business Opportunity Buyer list of customers who responded to a postcard offer with cash in hand.  All are buyers who spend money to get a stress free Home Based Business.  Many go on to spend hundreds in order to reap the benefits of leveraged residual income from the various back end programs that are offered.  (Ave $25)
Quaker Cash BuyersThese direct mail and space ad generated buyers are looking to increase their financial success. The "Quaker Cash Kit " teaches them the power to succeed by using tried and true money-making strategies. These strategies help the readers by teaching a system with true value in an easy-tounderstand format. The buyers get a proven system to help them succeed and put them on the path to financial freedom. The kit educates them on topics such as economic growth patterns and principles of success. (Ave $59.95)
Russ Von HoelscherThese are buyers of Direct Marketing Guru Russ Von Hoelsher's amazing money-making programs. The programs teach easy-to-follow methods to build financial independence. These people enjoy learning and doing what it takes to be successful in direct mail and direct marketing. These buyers are potential purchasers of business opportunity, investment, financial opportunity and self-improvement offers.
Steamroller Opportunity BuyersSteamroller Publications publishes "Free Opportunity Magazine" as well as various opportunity offers. These include, "Mega Profit System", "Magic Manila Envelope", and "Mega-powerful Cash Secrets". (Ave $59.95)
Underground Cash SystemsThese individuals purchased a program showing how to use four simple steps to get “Real Free Money” from Underground Cash Secrets.They will learn how to unlock the ‘secret’ to get their money. This has nothing to do with grants. The program shows how to get your share of this free cash windfall. They don’t have to do any network marketing, fill out a bunch of forms or applications, pay monthly fees, build a website, go to meetings, bother family or friends, or any of that stuff. (Ave $59.95)
X-Factor System Buyers These X-Factor direct mail generated buyers paid for a moneymaking home-based business system. The buyer learns how to use the system with an easy to follow step by step explanation. The system teaches the average work-at-home business builder the strategies and techniques to make millions. These individuals are looking for ways to become financially set for life.  (Ave $39)
$99 Cash BuyersThese direct mail buyers purchased either the powerful "Secret Cash" program for $99 or the "Used Book Finder" program for $149.These buyers are actively seeking new business ventures and financial opportunities. Tap into these valuable leads today. If you’re looking for money making buyers, these prospects should be under your consideration because they are constantly on the lookout for other opportunities to make extra money and start their own business. (Ave $99)

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